About Us

Linda Bueckers - Consultant

Linda Bueckers TMW Partners CEO Quickbooks Pro Advisor

Linda Bueckers – CEO - Co-Owner - Quickbooks Pro Advisor and Business Expert

Linda Bueckers has over twenty-five years of business leadership experience. She has had careers in accounting, business management, operations, administration, and human resources.

Linda contributes to the growth and success of her clients businesses. She demonstrates this by objectively and effectively listening to her clients, maintaining a high level of confidentiality and relating to their business issues. With her QuickBook Pro Advisor Certification and skills she leads and guides companies into having a much more effective accounting/bookkeeping process. Linda is also genuinely concerned about the integrity, value and financial well-being of TMW Partner’s clients.

Linda's accounting skills/training include (not limited to):

  • QuickBooks Pro Advisor Certification - (re certified yearly)
  • accounts receivable
  • accounts payable
  • billing
  • payroll – if already in place
  • general ledger

Linda’s management skills include (not limited to):

  • business owner sounding board
  • business operations consulting
  • building company moral
  • organization and delegation

Linda’s past experience includes (not limited to):

  • day-to-day management of business operations
  • technology implementation
  • customer and employee service management
  • hiring and releasing of staff
  • board member of for-profit and non-profit companies

Linda is passionate about people, employees, clients and making a difference that is how and why TMW Partners came to be and why she loves what she does everyday.


Irene R. Strong - Consultant

Irene Strong TMW Partners CFO

Irene R. Strong - CFO - Co-Owner - Business Operations and Accounting Expert

Irene has more than thirty years of business experience. She has had careers in accounting, project management, software development and office administration.

She is a motivated self-starter with a proven ability to meet deadlines and multi-task under pressure. Extremely well organized and goal oriented. She is viewed as an honest person with a high level of integrity, a strong work ethic, and a positive attitude. Irene's style is that of enabling others to do well. She enjoys working with others to create efficient and effective processes to get the job done accurately and in a timely manner.

Our Values & Vision

Trustworthy: Conducting business with integrity and respect

Mutual: Achieving business success for all

Workmanship: Providing qualify service to our clients

Quickbooks Pro Advisor 320-290-2648

"...best part of their service is we now have a clear understanding of what is happening in our business at any moment, making us very nimble in the marketplace."
co-owner of a
fitness and medical facility

“What separated Linda and TMW from other folks we had talked to is that TMW wasn’t interested in just doing our books, they wanted to know our business”
president of a
software company

“…helped us discover the best, fastest, most efficient way to set up our bookkeeping so that it is easy for me, easy for them and easy for our tax accountant.”
co-owner of a
health practice

“peace of mind and just plain good business.”
growing technology
business owner

“TMW spent the time, dug in and got to know our business and understands what we do so that things make sense.”
president of a
software company

"TMW is absolutely the best of the best."
co-owner of a
fitness and medical facility

“Reputation is everything in this industry and at one point we started to see ours slipping away. Having TMW partner with us, our reputation is once again growing strong.”
real estate developer

“…receiving timely and accurate reports for our meetings.”
chairman of
trustees at a church