TMW Partners testimonial from health practice

I’m an office manager and part owner of a health practice. About a year ago I started to suspect that our bookkeeping wasn’t quite up to snuff, but I figured well, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. That’s when the IRS called. When I confronted my old bookkeeper he said… just pay it. Well, that was the end of that relationship, but I obviously needed help. I called around and found a highly regarded tax accountant, and contracted for his services. For my next bookkeeper he gave me the highest recommendation I have ever heard of, he simply said, “You will hire them (TMW Partners) and you will work with them until everything is straightened out.”

We did immediately hire TMW and our new accountant Irene teamed up with our new tax accountant to fix our tax problems. With them working together pretty quickly our tax problems were fixed. We went from looking at an audit to getting refunds. I went from OMG to, this is wonderful!

In the process of handling our IRS challenge, Irene learned our business, walked me through what I needed to know, and helped us discover the best, fastest, most efficient way to set up our bookkeeping so that it is easy for me, easy for them and easy for our tax accountant. This saves me time, money and gives me peace of mind. Irene and the TMW team are extremely easy and professional to work with and have shown great flexibility. It has been absolutely wonderful having them on board.

Since my experiences I would advise anyone starting a new business: If you don’t have expertise in bookkeeping, hire TMW Partners, before you open your doors. You will save a lot of money.
-Co-owner of a health practice

TMW Partners testimonial from growing technology
I run a new and fast growing technology business. At the onset we did our own bookkeeping, on the fly. But after one year in business it caught up with us, none of our numbers even remotely matched the bank’s. The lack of reconciliation between the bank’s and my books prevented me from making any important business decisions. That was when we brought TMW Partners onboard.

Now, we have just celebrated our best month ever with a 35% increase. That might not all be related to having TMW Partners on the team, but it does have a whole lot to do with being able to make important decisions quickly because we know our numbers are accurate.

With the support TMW provides, all of our business processes are so much cleaner. And my life is simpler as I save all my questions until they visit our office and then they either show me what to do or just fix it. That is peace of mind and just plain good business.

-Growing technology business owner

TMW Partners testimonial from fitness and medical facility I am a partner in a fitness and medical facility, I am not an accountant. So when our previous service became unable to provide a clear and accurate picture of our finances, it was time for a change. TMW came to us highly recommended and they now do all of our QuickBooks, bookkeeping, profit and loss statements (which are always accurate, now) and business consulting. Their professionalism is outstanding, no job is done until every single issue is resolved. But the best part of their service is we now have a clear understanding of what is happening in our business at any moment, making us very nimble in the marketplace. TMW is absolutely the best of the best.
-Co-owner of a fitness and medical facility

TMW Partners testimonial from church I am the Chairman of Trustees at a local church. Our bookkeeping services have always been provided by members of the parish but when our volunteer bookkeeper moved out of the area, there was no one else to step up. I had already served in this capacity as had the only other qualified member of the church, so… it was time to go outside the church and hire an accountant.

I asked around at a couple of accounting firms that I knew and they gave me Linda’s name (TMW Partners) with high recommendations. I met with her a couple times and it became clear that she was the right person so we brought her on board. We arranged a couple of two-hour training sessions with the gal leaving and she very quickly picked up Church Windows, which includes payroll, income statements and accounts payable. We talk every other week or so and she attends our trustee meetings to address any financial questions they may have.

When we had volunteers doing the books, often they’d get behind, struggle to get caught up, which they would not enjoy, and the accounting would suffer. It has been a wonderful experience with Linda handling the books. Since we hired Linda two years ago we have been blessed with always receiving timely and accurate reports for our meetings. She knows our situation and with her experience and good judgment, she just gets the job done.

I am an accountant myself with over 40 years of business experience. I highly recommend Linda and TMW Partners.

-Chairman of trustees at a church

TMW Partners testimonial from software company I am the president of an established scheduling software company with ten years in the industry. Not only do we answer to our customers, we must also be accountable to our investors. We had a reputable firm handling our accounting; however that company was no longer providing that service. I was in a bind and went to my network, including my prior accountant who had firsthand experience with TMW, having referred them in the past. We brought TMW in for an interview. We found that they had good references and with the recommendation of our former accountant we hired them.

When TMW came on board they were well aware that we already had an excellent system in place. Because of the type of work we do, we’ve got customers who pay monthly with a credit card and customers who pay us annually, making the billing process quite complex. So a seamless transition was the highest priority. It was impressive to see TMW come in and not only do that but even streamline the process a bit.

I think TMW is a fit for all different types of companies, especially for those like ours which have very time consuming and complex hands-on billing. That was something that was a big concern for us. TMW spent the time, dug in and got to know our business and understands what we do so that things make sense. They don’t just transfer numbers and line items from a piece of paper to an invoice. Because Linda understands what we do, she will spot an invoice that looks funny or a payment that just doesn’t seem right. I think that it is important that someone takes the time to understand your business. She gets our business. What separated Linda and TMW from other folks we had talked to is that TMW wasn’t interested in just doing our books, they wanted to know our business and that is why our company looks to Linda and her team as a long term partner in this highly competitive industry.

-President of a software company

TMW Partners testimonial from real estate developer We have a small but rapidly growing company in the construction and development industry. Six months ago we noticed, due to a lack of timely reporting and inaccuracies, we were greatly hindered in forecasting and cash flow forecasting. We needed help and TMW was highly recommended to us. Linda and the TMW team reorganized our accounting department and assisted in the hiring and training of a new bookkeeper. They also take care of auditing and provide ongoing oversight. In just a few months, Linda and her team have effected a remarkable turnaround in our processes. Now, we make forecasts and create business plans with great confidence.

Reputation is everything in this industry and at one point we started to see ours slipping away. But with Linda and having TMW partner with us, that is no longer an issue, our reputation is once again growing strong.

As a business owner with a top level understanding of finances and accounting, I highly recommend TMW for any and all of your accounting needs. Whatever level of service is required, they will come up with long-term viable solutions.

-Real estate developer

Our Values & Vision

Trustworthy: Conducting business with integrity and respect

Mutual: Achieving business success for all

Workmanship: Providing qualify service to our clients

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  • Record invoices, accounts receivable and accounts payable transactions
  • Balance bank accounts
  • Financial statements
  • Organized reports at tax time
  • Review business operation costs and revenues
  • Spreadsheet assistance
  • Operations assistance
  • Budgeting
  • Day to day business procedures
  • Set up and maintain filing system
  • Work flow review and implementation
  • Sounding board/listening ear and look at things outside the business
  • Bill paying and bank deposits
  • Maintain check register
  • Reconcile bank account statements
  • Monitor investment accounts
  • Monthly budgeting for your discretionary spending accounts
  • Setup and maintain filing system
  • Income & expense tracking for year-end tax preparation
  • Experienced in Church Windows accounting Church Management Software
  • Balance bank and investment accounts
  • Financial reports for trustee meetings:
       1. Balance Sheet
       2. Treasurer's Report
       3. Fund Activity
       4. Accounts Payable
  • Payroll processing
  • Year-end reporting, includes 1099's and giving statements

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